Book Review: Archangel’s Legion by Nalini Singh


Adult Paranormal Romance > Angels | Vampires

(Guild Hunter #6)

Angels are falling from the sky in New York, struck down by a vicious, unknown force.

Vampires are dying impossibly of disease.

Guild hunter Elena Deveraux and the Archangel Raphael must discover the source of the wave of death before it engulfs their city and their people, leaving New York a ruin and Raphael’s Tower under siege by enemy archangels.

Yet even as they fight desperately to save the city, an even darker force is stirring, its chill eyes trained on New York…and on Raphael. Rivers of crimson and nightmares given flesh, the world will never again be the same…

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…so badass. 😀

I believe this is the most action-packed Guild Hunter novel to date. And I was not even distracted by Elena-Raphael lovey-dovey scenes. And that ending, holy smokes, that was ten ways of awesome!

I knew I was right to continue this series. *fist pump*

War is inevitable. When angels fall from the sky, and the Hudson river runs red, it won’t be long before the archangels lose their minds (or stand greater than they ever were) and begin the war.

I saw glimpses of Aodhan, and Illium, too. Yay! And after every installment, Elena and Raphael’s relationship reached a new level, and I liked that. Not only is the plot evolving to new heights, but the characters are turning into hero- and villain-worthy roles. =)

The last few chapters are fantastic. I could not quite turn the pages faster than my excitement! I believe New York is now ready to face the war that’s been brewing even before the Cascade began? *grins*

Archangel’s Legion. I could not grasp the enormity of it, the impact it might have for Elena and Raphael‘s future. But I am going to find that out. Let’s get moving with the writing then,Nalini Singh! (Pretty please?)



Ebook, 384 pages

Published October 29th 2013 by Penguin Group (USA)
4.5/5 stars

Book Review: Through the Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter


Young Adult > Fantasy > Zombies

After a strange new zombie attack, Alice fears she may be losing her mind as well. A terrible darkness blooms inside her, urging her to do wicked things. The whispers of the dead assault her ears and mirrors seem to come frighteningly to life. She’s never needed her team of zombie slayers more—including her boyfriend, Cole—than she does now. But as Cole strangely withdraws and the zombies gain new strength, Ali knows one false step may doom them all.

Book 1: Alice in Zombieland review


Thank goodness Cole Holland pulled through. =)

I’m beginning to think that Gena Showalter is my type of author. The entertainment when I read her books is on a totally different level. It is just enjoyable and fun to snuggle up reading Through the Zombie Glass!

The plot developed a little bit, the characters advanced too. Cole is the problem, though. All the jealousies and unwarranted silent treatments towards Ali were irritating. I liked that Ali is more matured than him, more levelheaded in a way that despite her being caged most of her life, shut out from the world, Ali is wiser and less socially inept than Cole. Where’s your head, man? Buried in your *ss?

Finally, when Cole regained his senses, everything fell into place. The story progressed just the way I wanted it. And the swoon is back. Thank heavens Cole Holland was back. Woot!

Through the Zombie Glass is a good sequel. Friendships and relationships are tested, secrets about families are revealed. I will continue watching out for this series. I would not want to miss out on the fun. 😉



Ebook, 480 pages

Published September 24th 2013 by Harlequin Teen

4/5 stars

Book Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman


General Fiction > Fantasy

Sussex, England. A middle-aged man returns to his childhood home to attend a funeral. Although the house he lived in is long gone, he is drawn to the farm at the end of the road, where, when he was seven, he encountered a most remarkable girl, Lettie Hempstock, and her mother and grandmother. He hasn’t thought of Lettie in decades, and yet as he sits by the pond (a pond that she’d claimed was an ocean) behind the ramshackle old farmhouse, the unremembered past comes flooding back. And it is a past too strange, too frightening, too dangerous to have happened to anyone, let alone a small boy.

Literary Awards: Goodreads Choice for Fantasy (2013), Specsavers Book of the Year (2013), Paris Review Best of the Best (2013)


Neil Gaiman reading experience will always, always be surreal.

“Nothing’s ever the same,” she said. “Be it later or a hundred years. It’s always churning and roiling. And people change as much as oceans.”

There’s no turning back once I picked up The Ocean at the End of the Lane, I just got sucked in. The fantasy that might be too much for a boy, might just be relentless reality for a grown-up man looking for something, something to fill up his tired soul.

The last Neil Gaiman I read is The Graveyard Book, so now I remember the melancholic mood when reading his work.

The Hempstocks. The cleaners. Ursula. Lettie. These characters extracted different emotions from me, just because a boy is praying so hard that his life will go back to what it once was. Can it be that simple?

I adore the Hempstocks. Their secrets, obscurity, and selflessness are entertaining to read. But when one selfless act was made to save another, was it worth it? Will the saved be forever be guilt-tripped into living good so the the other will feel compensated?

A short read, but The Ocean at the End of the Lane reaches deep. The truth about families, about father-son relationship, about unreliable memories – it’s here. and much more.



Paperback, 181 pages

Published June 18th 2013 by Harper Collins

5/5 stars

Book Review: Scorch by Gina Damico


Young Adult > Paranormal

(Croak #2)

Sixteen-year-old Lex Bartleby is a teenage grim reaper with the bizarre ability to damn souls. That makes her pretty scary, even to fellow Grims. But after inadvertently transferring her ability to Zara, a murderous outlaw, Lex is a pariah in Croak, the little town she calls home.

To escape the townspeople’s wrath, she and her friends embark on a wild road trip to DeMyse. Though this sparkling desert oasis is full of luxuries and amusements, it feels like a prison to Lex. Her best chance at escape would be to stop Zara once and for all—but how can she do that from DeMyse, where the Grims seem mysteriously oblivious to Zara’s killing spree?

Book 1: Croak review


That death.. not fair, Gina Damico. Total not fair :(((

Scorch is even better than Croak, but the I told myself that another heartbreak from Gina Damico is too much for my weary heart. How can a book so funny, yet full of grief?

After the devastating death, Lex is lost. With her growing power that is completely out of her control, and Zara on a killing spree, going back in Croak will just be the icing on her already ‘bitter’ cake.

Me and Scorch started out great. A lot of LOL moments, especially the Lex-Driggs-Uncle Mort bantering. Lex and Driggs are constantly monitored by Unce Mort’s cctv cameras. So where to go to make out? They get creative, but Uncle Mort is almost always more creative, and smarter than them. 😀

I love Uncle Mort, period.

Then the my heartbreak begins. Kloo and AyjayDriggs. What happened to them was like one electric shock after another. I swear, that for every roaring laughter I let out, my heart constricts and breaks a little. The disbelief is not wearing off, even now.

Can I brave Rogue? After that incredulous ending, can I? How can Lex fix things? Fix him? She’s not a god. 😦


SCORCH by Gina Damico

Ebook, 332 pages

Published September 25th 2012 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

3/5 stars