Book Review: Sapphique by Catherine Fisher


Young Adult > Fantasy | Dystopia

(Incarceron #2)

Finn has escaped Incarceron only to find that he must defend his right to the throne from another challenger. His life and Claudia’s hang on Finn convincing the Court that he is the lost prince, even though he has his own doubts about being the true heir.

Book 1: Incarceron review


This is really, really inventive.

You cannot box Incarceron series into one sub-genre alone, for it encompasses dystopian, fantasy, and science fiction. The connections are seamless, as Catherine Fisher weaves this rich story, so intricate that you will be smiling at the ingenuity of it all. Dare I say I understood Sapphique the way I did for Incarceron? In some ways, yes. Because while prequel sets the stage to an astonishing story, Sapphique drew the curtains with a flourish that only fantasy lovers will appreciate.

The complexity of the characters is a strength. Finn is defiant, Claudia is stubborn, Jared is brooding, Keiro is immovable, and Attia is determined. The web of their relationships is askewed at best, but when I think about it, it is best that way. For everyone has a claim, everyone has a motive. Who will triumph in the end? Or could Incarceron herself outplay them all?

It will always be Incarceron who is the star of this series. No matter how deceitful, ruthless, or vindictive she may be, I can identify something in her that is human. Well… why not? a bunch of scientists created her. Incarceron was animated with human antics, and that’s the most enjoyable in this series. =)

The richness in fantasy of Sapphique was mesmerizing. I might favor Incarceron more, but this sequel more than sums up the core of Finn’s story. It was executed astoundingly.


SAPPHIQUE by Catherine Fisher

Hardcover, 462 pages

Published December 28th 2012 by Dial

4/5 stars


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

  1. I loved this series so much, bitterness and faults in the characters, whilst were irritating, just made the book that much more honest and fascinating to read. Although Claudia’s selfishness and Finn’s brooding annoyed me terribly I can kind of understand it. Still my favourite characters were Kiero and Attia, I found them the most relatable and I was rooting for them the entire of this series. The ending of this book was brilliant but did you feel like there was so much space for another? I really felt like there were so many loose ends that needed tying. Great review!

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