2013: 13 Things To Be Thankful For

Happy Birthday, Maria!

These are just the noticeable ones 🙂 Imagine the little blessings I received numerously, that are too many too mention, and I can readily say 2013 was a really good year for me. 😉

  1. JAN. I lost Illium the Kindle last December 2012, but I found courage to buy the same model (Kindle 3G) and color, naming it Illium II. *fist pump*
  2. Best Friend with Benefits (BFB) gifted me a new bookshelf to house my read books (yes, I have a separate shelf for my TBR pile, so shush!).
  3. FEB. I got to treat my family to a summer outing. Yay!
  4. MAR. We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Tagaytay 🙂 Something laid-back, since we usually go out-of-town to celebrate.
  5. MAY. I was blessed enough to be sent to the United States for a week-long business trip. And I get to visit Barnes & Noble (it was so big…

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