2014 Reading Goals and Resolutions


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This year, I will read:

  1. The unabridged Les Miserables
  2. ASoIaF series until A Dance with Dragons: After the Feast
  3. Sequels of my favorite series (Croak, Unwind, The Assassin’s Curse, to name a few)
  4. Read and finish Chronicles of Narnia series (a complete set has been sitting on my shelf for 2 years now)
  5. More recommended reads from my friends
  6. Books gifted to me
  7. More printed books than eBooks (Illium II will have to take a back seat)
  8. Less YA (and I really, really hope this works)
  9. More books outside YA genre
  10. And collect printed books ONLY for series/trilogy/companion/etc.

This is my major checklist. Quite manageable, yeah? 🙂


image from we heart it

Here’s to more fun experiences with you in reading this 2014… CHEERS!


8 thoughts on “2014 Reading Goals and Resolutions

  1. Yes, we will read ADwD. And when we are done, kakalampagin na natin si GRRM para tapusin ang series. Kapag nagtagal pa ito, baka dead na lahat ng characters, di na natin kailangan mag death count. 🙂

  2. I’m actually reading Le Miserables right now, a little bit at a time because it’s such a mammoth book. lol. And my goal is to finish it, so I can reward myself with watching the musical I got for Christmas. I also need and want to read the Chronicles of Narnia too.

    • Hi Suz, I watched Les Mis (Hollywood version) last year, and I was such a cry baby. Haha! Good luck on your reading, hopefully, we get to finish this chunkster this year. 🙂

  3. Oh no please don’t talk about GoT series muna hahaha (joke!) I love these goals especially 4, 6, and 7. But unlike you, I am gravitating towards YA these days. Maybe because I only started to read this genre like 2 years ago?

    Good luck on your goals, Maria! (Why don’t we read a classic naman para ma achieve mo ang 9? Haha!

    • Me getting saturated with YA, so maybe I need to take it slow on that genre. Enjoy YA, though 🙂 lots of good books out there.

      Gah, classics. Last I had was Pride & Prejudice and I didn’t like it. Haha!

  4. Yay Les Mis! And Narnia! 😀

    I invite you to read Sense and Sensibility with me, if you guys want another classic? 😀 (Naghahanap lang ako ng kadamay. haha)

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