Book Signing Event: Kiera Cass in Manila


Let me get this out:

I am not a Kiera Cass fan (at least not yet, for I have the least intention of reading her books, sorry). But, considering the scarcity of YA Authors visiting Manila (despite its booming industry elsewhere), I will come to show my support.

That, and my good friend Janus is overly excited for this author of a dystopian series called The Selection. Erm, she’s excited to have her books signed, to be specific. =)


to my fellow Filipino readers and lurkers of my humble blog:

Are you interested? *winks*

It would be a chance to meet other YA book lovers as well!

You can reach me in Goodreads if you want to come with us.

Trust me, it is always fun to gush about books with fellow readers. 😀



Right, I am getting sidetracked. Ha!

If you are shy, don’t be. I won’t bite (maybe Janus will, lol).

Let’s support YA authors coming in the Philippines by joining this event!




2 thoughts on “Book Signing Event: Kiera Cass in Manila

  1. Hey! Last time I checked I don’t bite either! (I’m about to make a joke but I’m afraid it might be taken out of context, biting can be associated with other things. LOL)

    Anyway, why the heck did you sell me out with my signed books fetish. err… obsession? Crap! I’m blabbering. This is your fault! 😛

    To everyone, please feel free to join us. The more the merrier! ^_^

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