April Wrap Up

April… what a dismal reading month. But maybe I’m being too hard on myself. It was the lowest book read count I had since… I don’t know, November last year?

I listened to 2 audiobooks, Gilead and The History of Love. Both have amazing stories, but I loved the latter more. *heavy heavy sigh* Such heartbreak, such blinding hope. I think I found a book that i will book-push to my friends. 🙂

I have 6 pending book reviews to write (again). Poor bloggy.


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6 – April reads

1 – 5 stars (The History of Love)

4 – 4 stars

1 – 3 stars

I finished The Great Gatsby yesterday and I am happy that I really liked it. Oh yes, I was aware of the drama between the characters. But the surprising affinity of Nick Carraway to Gatsby in the end was a plus. 🙂

image from weheartit

image from weheartit

May, don’t be another scorching month, okay? The heat is unbearable, and I can’t even go to the beach. Pffft.


8 thoughts on “April Wrap Up

    • Maybe if I’m reading it like Monique, I would’ve been irritated with the flirty characters. But the listening to the audiobook was a good decision for me. and yay for the order! I’m pretty sure you’ll like The History of Love. After all, you like sad stories. LOL

  1. You liked the Great Gatsby. Heh. It was 2 stars for me. But I still want to watch themovie, just because of Leo! 😀

    And I just bought an ebook of History of Love. I am so intrigued with all the raves you guys are giving this book. 🙂

    • Lynai! Of course, I knew your Gatsby rating 🙂 you and Angus are surprised with me liking it, huh. But of course, Leoooo! And hooray for the purchase! How about you read it after you gave birth? full of crey crey ang History of Love. 😛

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