March Wrap Up

March… you made me lazy with my reading. *stucks tongue out*

I read only 3 out of 5 of my Required Reading last month. Boo! My March weekends were fully packed with events, so I wasn’t able to read that much. Wedding anniversary on week 1. Training and Team Summer Outing on week 2. Bridal Shower on week 3. At least on (Holy) week 4, I managed to finish 3 books.

The ending? I have 6 pending book reviews to write. Oh, exhaustion. Why won’t you let me be?


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[Thank you! and to Louize as well, for introducing me to these fun calendars. :-*]

9 – March reads

1 – 5 stars (Scarlet!)

3 – 4 stars

4 – 3 stars

1 – 2 stars (Gah, it’s Requiem.)

I think I was pretty slow. 😦 But that’s alright. I get to spend quality time with my family, friends, and colleagues instead. Makes me think that maybe I’m too immersed in my digital life. That’s why you haven’t seen me much on Goodreads. I’m trying to lie low while I regroup. I need to rethink my daily activities,  and it could mean less time online. But let’s see.

image from henriette_weheartit

image from henriette_weheartit

Anyway, I’m excited for April! Just because it’s a new month. 🙂 I am creating new habits and strengthening old ones, but rest assured that reading will still be a part of it.


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