It’s Monday! What are you reading? [21]

Hello! I hope your Monday will start with a bang, because I’m feeling the summer creeping in here in Manila. The heat is cracking up, and so is the need to hit the beach! And with that, the happy feeling that comes with summer is crippling me with delight. 😀


Buddy Read: This sequel of Cinder is up for my Monday reading! Along with Janus, let’s hope we are in for some fun this week. 😀


Current Read: Since The Eternity Cure is now out in NetGalley, I just have to read the first book like, right now. Janus has been urging me to read it so yeah, I am currently reading this on Illium II. 😉

the immortal rules


Next Read: Hmm. After my seemingly dislike for Pandemonium (almost 2/3 of it), I thought I can delay my reading of the finale for a month or so. Wrong. Now, the feeling that I need to know who Lena ended up with is coming back. Oh, Lauren Oliver, please do not break my heart.


So what are you reading this week? Let me know in the comments section. =P