Splurged: Les Miserables.. Take Two! (with Sweet Valley on the sides)

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Wow. I had a fantastic day! How about you? It’s only Thursday but I managed to feel accomplished at work before I go home. 🙂 Yes, I started a bit lazy (judging from my morning tweets), but my day wrapped up pretty well! Even if going home, I was stuck at the metro train for 45 minutes (because the train before us was having technical problems), I was fine. I just whipped up Temple the iPad and continue reading This Lullaby. And I even finished it before reaching our house. *fist pump*

But enough of that. January has passed and my book hoarding hasn’t stopped. Better I share it already, huh? 😉


Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

Luxe by Anna Godbersen

I ordered Rossi’s second book through Book Depository, but I bought a copy when I saw one at the local bookstore. Hee. Bray’s and Godbersen’s – I bought for $1 only. woot!


Tall Story by Candy Gourlay
Sinner by Sharon Carter Rogers
Rafa: My Story by Rafael Nadal
Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

My dear friend Veronica gave Tall Story to me (technically, it was not for me, but it’s free book! who am I to refuse?). Sinner I bought together with the Libba Bray book. I found Rafa on the bargain bucket of Book Depository! Naturally, I have to buy it. 😀 He’s my all-time favorite tennis player, duh.

Now, I bought another copy of Les Mis, and this time it’s the unabridged copy. I cannot resist! After wetting my eyes when I watched the movie, I have to buy it. Period.


Channel X and Killer Party by Francine Pascal

Whenever I saw a Sweet Valley book on bargain, I always buy it. Heck, it was so expensive for me back when I was in high school. Now, it barely cost a dollar (P39)! Yeah, I collect them. I get nostalgic when I see SV covers. It brings back memories of the time when YA was unknown here in Manila, and all I could get hands on are a handful of the Wakefield twins. 😀 Good times!

So which books have you read? Can you recommend them?


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