January Wrap Up

January… I am so glad we are done with each other!

image from jen_we heart it

IRL, January kind of sucked. I don’t know. It seemed that Stress followed me everywhere. Stress made these four walls, encasing me in such a very destructive mood. But… get away from me, negative vibes. Let me be on this love month.


However, my book life was amazing for the first month of 2013. 😀

12 – January reads

1 – 5 stars

8 – 4 stars

1 – 3 stars

2 – 2 stars

And that one book that wowed me: Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan. Woot! I am falling in love with this sci-fi/dystopian series. Very wicked! So.. it was a really good reading month, yes? I actually picked books that are to my liking!

February is here, so I am geared up to read romance books. Heh. I know. It’s the excuse I’ve been waiting for to shave off my lovestruck TBR book list. =)

image from exxpose_we heart it

So, let’s get going!

Wanna catch the love bug? Then, do something for goodness sake! Our book boyfriends are not enough this time of the year. Right?