Elated (or not): Hate is easy


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I was quick to be pissed off this week.

I got irritated when a reader made some “colorful” remarks on a book series that I loved when I was still in my teens.

I got miffed when another reader commented that I keep my mouth shut on my own blog.


What is it with people nowadays?

It’s not enough that we judge each other inside our own heads. We still need to say hurtful things when we can choose our words carefully and still manage to say what we feel.

*blows hair from my face*


image from we heart it

I am brutally honest to a fault. It was my greatest flaw during high school (I think). Back then, I was not afraid to hurt my friends when I speak my mind. But now, I’ve mellowed out. My friends teased me that I’ve gone soft. Marriage tempered my mouth. Maybe. Or maybe, I just grew up.

Don’t get me wrong. I am still frank. Although I now speak when the heat of the moment has passed. I run the lines that I am about to say in my mind a hundred times before saying them out loud. And I choose not-too-harsh words to deliver.

Curving my patience is such a chore, but it got easy when I slip into the new roles in my life. Breadwinner. Wife. Mother.

But sometimes, I slipped to my old self. And I ask myself, is that so bad?



8 thoughts on “Elated (or not): Hate is easy

  1. Hi Maria!
    Often, relationships do hone us into what we are; and maturity comes in recognizing our own faults. Yes, like you said, it is much better when we stick to who we are. Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

    BTW, I love how you tagged TFG on your sidebar -MARIA’S ONLINE FAMILY.
    Loves you. πŸ™‚

    • Hello Louize!
      Thank you for accepting the real me πŸ™‚ and oh, that’s sidebar? me likey, too! Well, it started out online, but I have you guys as family too IRL. *beams*

      lotsa love for you, dear.

  2. We only speak out harsh words when they are deserved. I know you spoke out from the deepest recesses of your heart, and I will commend you for that.

    Hugs, kapatid. ((((<3)))))

  3. I didn’t think it was harsh, really. πŸ˜€ You know I just had to put my mod hat on so we won’t get a full-blown one online. If you replied before that person said “Ciao”, I wouldn’t mind.

    …and I’ll reserve all other comments when we see each other. Haha. πŸ˜€

    • Nyahaha! But I respect you and the other mods too much to turn my “antipatika” mode full blast. =P so i didn’t reply again. And I’m saying No to that kind of trolling! LOL then, I’ll guess I’ll see you soon. πŸ˜‰

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