Book Review: Table for Two by Marla Miniano

Rating: StarStarStarStar

Genre: Filipino Fiction > Contemporary

In Table for Two, a corner table at a quiet coffee shop takes center stage, the latest release from Summit Books author Marla Miniano. The table is the setting for pivotal moments in the lives of the main characters—who, as it seems, are quite the lovelorn bunch. First, there’s the long-time couple on the verge of calling it quits after college graduation. Then there’s the serial dater who accepts her younger brother’s challenge to go dateless for two months. There’s also a photographer who attempts to dissuade his best friend from getting married (and we’re curious to find out why). And finally, there are the two hopefuls: a young man who meets with the girl he never stopped loving, and a young lady who pores over romance novels, waiting for her turn to fall in love.


I’m not much of a lover of stories about heartbreak, especially about a girl who can’t find the strength to leave a stagnant relationship. or a guy who just can’t seem to get that the girl will never see him as a boyfriend material. But Table for Two managed to endear itself to me despite that.

I was nearing the end when I realized the author will connect the characters from all the short stories. The key to enjoying this book is to read more from what the author wrote. Fill in the blanks and hope that what you thought is really what happened to the characters.

Fresh, 2 stars. Mandy & Tristan. The ending was not satisfying.
Timeout, 4 stars. Jack & Jill & Robbie. This was hopeful.
All The Best, 3 stars. Carl & Kim. A little vague.
This Closure, 4 stars. Lucas & Bettina. I heart Lucas, even if he’s a little pathetic most times.
Table for Two, 4 stars. This is why I love reading love stories.

Table for Two is a quick read that will either make you sigh in delight or in contempt. Hee. Don’t dwell too much on the characters. The writing is beautiful. A lot of quotable quotes in here. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Table for Two by Marla Miniano

    • you know, if i read this some other time, i think i might dislike Table for Two. So i’m thinking, me liking this is more about my mood. 🙂 Fresh and All the Best are my least faves.

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