Book Review: Geek Girl by Cindy Bennett

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Genre: Young Adult > Contemporary | Realistic Fiction

“Think I can turn that boy bad?” 17-year-old Jen turns her life upside down when, out of boredom, she makes a bet that she can turn school geek Trevor into someone like her. Instead, the goth girl finds herself sucked into his world of sci-fi movies, charity work, and even-ugh!-bowling. To truly belong with him-and with her new foster family-she must first come to terms with her violent past.


Well, this was unexpected, me super liking Geek Girl. I didn’t care if it was predictable. All that mattered to me was that i’m two chapters in, and i am swooning with delight over Jen and Trevor! All throughout the book, i was smiling and gushing. *happy sigh* Kinda nice to read a book with little sexual innuendos and more gush factor, yes? I’m swept away. 🙂

The bet was no more than something to past the time for Jen before she busts her way out (again) from her current foster family. Little by little, she spends more of her time with Trevor and his family and friends. She’s unconsciously blowing her friends off to spend weekends with Trev – to bowl, to watch geeky sci-fi movies, or to just plain jump on the trampoline in Trev’s backyard.

Jen was alright, but Trevor… wow. The unflinching honesty and unnecessary kindness he had toward Jen were adorable. And my, he was sweet! Swoon from a nerd like Trevor? Never! But i’m eating my words, because even I, like Jen, couldn’t help myself from loving Trevor.

I really like Brian. And Jane. and Jen’s foster family. You might think everything turned out perfectly for Jen in the end. But i say, why not? She deserves a happy ending after the cruelty of her past.

*beams* Geek Girl is a cute, sweet, and swoon-inducing book! One that made me stay awake in the wee hours of the morning just to finish it. 🙂

Publisher: Cedar Fort

Imprint: Sweetwater Books

Pub Date: 12/08/2011

Thank you NetGalley and Cedar Fort for granting my galley request.


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