Elated: Featuring Maria… in two awesome blogs :)

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No way! Haha. It’s true, though. And i know this post is way delayed already.

For two consecutive months, me and my blog were featured in my Goodreads (and real-life, too!) friends’ awesome, awesome book sites. I can really get lucky, sometimes. 🙂

June: Tina of One More Page

Tina and I have the same love for YA fiction. While she’s into Contemporary and Realistic Fiction, Tina also likes zombies. Yeah, we texted, cried, and talked over Mira Grant’s Newsflesh Trilogy. She also got me hooked on The Monstrumologist Series. 😀 If you frequent her blog, you’ll know she’s talkative in her posts, more so in real life! I’m fascinated by the way she talks, fast but always with a smile.

July: Monique of Marginalia

Monique and I have another thing in common (besides being avid readers, of course): we are both working moms who adore and dote on our toddlers (Allie for Monique, Ramsey for me). She’s into General Fiction, and some YA as well. The one thing I always think of is that whatever GenFic she reads, i almost always want to add them in my TBR shelf. I tried Jeffrey Eugenides (which she loves). Next, I will try David Mitchell (which she also loves).

Oh, the power of friends. They make you do the impossible, like reading books you won’t pick up on a whim. =)

I hope my answers below don’t bore you, coz that would ruin the fun i had when sending these replies to Tina and Monique. *drama* haha!

What I Read (3): Maria


In your most favorite genre, what are the things you like to read about? Any pet peeves?
YA is definitely my genre right now, dystopia and post-apocalyptic books to be exact. I like to read about a heroine (or hero) who manages to uplift her stature amidst the bleakness of her world by being a capable thinker (like Tris in Divergent), a formidable fighter (like Temple in The Reapers are the Angels), and a determined survivor (like Penryn in Angelfall). On the other hand, I hate books with a heroine that is so whiny, so “damsel in distress”, and so helpless that he/she doesn’t do a single thing to improve his/her condition. Oh, I don’t like crappy endings. An ending that doesn’t justify the sufferings and losses of the lead character (like Mary in The Forest of Hands and Teeth). I mean, c’mon! Give me even a morsel of happiness for crying out loud. Whoops, I forgot this is not a review. LOL.

Want some more? Click on Tina’s website banner below!


The Spark Project [7]: MARIA


(1) What is the one book that sparked or kindled your love for reading? Describe the circumstances in which you found or discovered it. 

Man, I couldn’t remember. It was ages ago! But I do remember the book series that started my obsession for reading: Nancy Drew. It introduced me into the kind of reading where I start and finish a book in just one sitting.

(2) How has it affected you – both your life in general and as a reader?

(Don’t tell anyone, but books with serial killers in it are my favorites. Blame it on Caleb Carr. Although I haven’t manifested any psychopathic tendencies. Yet. Ha!)

Read more on my obsession with serial killers (on books, of course) on Monique’s website banner link below!

Thank you for the attention, Tina and Monique!


4 thoughts on “Elated: Featuring Maria… in two awesome blogs :)

  1. You’re welcome, Maria! 🙂

    I hope you liked The Virgin Suicides? Haha. It’s OK if you don’t – I won’t take it against you, LOL! Let’s just add it to that shelf where you put Never Let Me Go, shall we? Hihi!

    See you at the ReaderCon, Maria!

    Oh, and before I forget. I owe you a book for allowing me to feature you on the blog. Will you send me a list of, oh, about three titles that you wish to have? It’s a token I give for those featured on the Spark Project. 😉

  2. Late, late comment! Haha I had to laugh at this line: I’m fascinated by the way she talks, fast but always with a smile. Now I will try to see if I always smile when I talk…but I do know I talk fast. 😀

    Thanks for the post and being on my blog. Which reminds me, I should feature other people on the blog again. 😀

    See you Saturday?

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