Splurged: I Hunt Killers, The Near Witch, KikoMachine Komix among others

I got another haul from Amazon! I just love buying books there. 🙂

I recently finished I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga and if you are a fan of stories revolving around serial killers, then by golly, grab a copy of this awesome book! YA + Serial Killers + Dark Humor = I. Am. In. Love. Woot!

Front and Center is the final book from the Dairy Queen series. It was hard to find this edition that will match my DQ collection. Imagine my delight when i saw a HB bargain copy in Amazon! I just started The Off Season (book 2), so i am hoping to wrap up this cute contemporary series real soon. Happiness!

There’s a lot of raves for Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. Is it right of me to jump with the bandwagon? I’ll be reading this next week.

Last Friday, I passed by the local bookstore on my way home. There’s a little crowd already forming in front of the store. What could it be? Lo, and Behold. The bookstore’s having a bargain sale! My eyes went wide as I saw one YA title after another worth P70 Philippine Pesos (around US$1.99 each). Without a moment’s hesitation, I grab anything I could get my hands to. They are all hardbound copies, so picture me hauling these books from the metro to my house. Did I mention that it was raining that day, and I live 2 hours away from the metro? Oh, the sacrifice! 🙂

I also got the KikoMachine Komix #1-8, a Filipino published comic strips collection. Hey, Manix Abrera! You make me wanna reminisce the good ol’ days of my college years. =) Thank you for signing all my copies. Rakenrol (rock ‘n roll)!

Which books have you read? Can you recommend them?

So, as usual, i’m broke. But i don’t think i’m alone… have you bought some books lately? 😉 Haha!



20 thoughts on “Splurged: I Hunt Killers, The Near Witch, KikoMachine Komix among others

  1. *squeal* those are fabulous books! I really have no luck with sales. Bummer!

    Anyway, I hope you get to read Shadow and Bone soon. I loved it! I’m looking forward to your thoughts on that one.

    Janus ^_^

    • Hi, Mary Grace! How about you drop by here in Manila next September for the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF)? Lots of bargain books there, as well. 🙂 Keep reading!

  2. I want those signed Kiko Machine comics! Haha. 🙂 Oh, and NBS’ up-to-70%-off this month will definitely ruin your budget.

  3. WTF! The Wannabe Koreanas and I went to NBS and bought total of three books and we did not encounter those cheap YA books. Shame! Anyway, I’m avoiding bookstores since last month. So okay lang. 😀

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