COVERed: Requiem, Fragments, Boundless

Genre: Young Adult > Paranormal | Supernatural > Angels

Publisher: HarperTeen

Book Release: 01/22/2013

(Unearthly #3)

Sigh. I know Unearthly‘s third book is similar to all the covers in the series, but it is still captivating to me. Oh Clara (and Ms. Cynthia Hand), please don’t break my heart in this book. Pretty please? I have this feeling that behind the lovely cover is the disguise of the ultimate heartbreak for Team Tucker. 😦 Prove me wrong!!!






Genre: Young Adult > Dystopia | Science Fiction

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Book Release: 02/26/2013

(Partials #2)

Now this one… looks like it was photo-shopped – an image of a boy cropped and put besides the first book layout. Ugh. I hope that is SAMM that i’m looking at (not entirely sure). Despite the “fake” look, I want this sequel so badly. SAMM! Ahem. *winks*






Genre: Young Adult > Dystopia

Publisher: HarperTeen

Book Release: 03/05/2013

(Delirium #3)

I love the first edition cover of Delirium. And it saddens me that the rest of the books have this huge face of a girl that i can’t picture as Lena. Her features are so sharp, so intense –  unlike Lena’s character. I remember asking Lauren Oliver (during the book signing) that i hope she spares me the heartached in Requiem. Team Alex FTW! i told her. She laughs and gave me a nice smile. I looked up the synonyms of Requiem and it showed: Lament. Elegy. Funeral Hymn. Well… that is foreboding.







Whew. Quite a few books to look forward to, right? 😉 It doesn’t help that these covers are pretty – it makes the waiting a tad bit unbearable.


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