And I’m off to the beach!

Now, before I go and bask in the sun from the beautiful island of Cebu, let me tell you that I had an awesome, AWESOME time with my Goodreads – The Filipino Group buddies!

GR-TFG Group in an archery range!

See, we had our book discussion of The Fellowship of the Ring last Saturday. Well, i was the moderator for that Face-to-Face, but I still enjoyed it. 🙂 I kinda expected i will be tired and grumpy (like Bilbo when the ring was not with him, lol), but i was not. Yeah!

Also, I just finished reading Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King and i am floored by it! Review to come, but expect high praises from me for this one. Am starting to think i need to read all the Printz Awardees and Honors. Some of what i read are really good. 😀

Being a Kid at Talima Adventure and Water Park, Cebu

Enough chat. I am on vacation mode like Right. Now.



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