Silence means YES…

World No. 2 Rafael Nadal with his 7th French Open trophy 🙂

Well, Yes to tennis, anyway. =D

Hey guys! I know my blog’s been silent for two weeks now. Hmmm… if you are a tennis fan like me, then you know why I decided to ignore my blogging (I have 4 books pending for review!). It was the French Open tournament! I am a big Rafael Nadal fan (so big!) and his highness demanded my utmost concentration throughout the competition. =P

Now that Rafa won the tournament (his 7th!), I can now move on with my blogging life. Thank you for waiting. *winks*

I just finished The Monstrumologist and it was gruesome! Hey, if you are of the faint-hearted, don’t read this! You will just be grossed out. Me? Rick Yancey’s book is awesome-gruesome. Ha!

But I will admit that the creepiness of Will Henry’s horrific adventures affected me somewhat. So, in order to stabilize my mental reading state, I am now reading Bittersweet. I hope this contemp will bring me back to sanity! *fingers crossed*

June TBR pile

Because our book club is having LOTR’s The Fellowship of the Ring, I am re-reading it. I super love this high fantasy trilogy, and reading it again is a pleasure! Unfortunately (and I don’t know why), I am trudging with my progress. Seems to me I am having a hard time finishing (but really, I’m not)! Still my progress is slow. Oh, well. I will finish this first installment this week!

Moving on to my TBR pile, I have 3 books that need to be shaved off from the list before June ends! I have Pathfinder (gotta return it to my GR friend Rollie so my other GR friend JL can read it), Deadline (I am so behind from our buddy reads in GR!) Last Sacrifice (need to wrap up VA series). Whew! I am confident I can finish them all this June. A Clash of Kings, do not tempt me to read you!!!

So. How about you? What’s keeping you busy lately, huh? ;P


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