In My Mailbox [21] – Lauren Oliver (in Manila) Edition

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 Before I Fall

 Visits of  YA Authors here in Manila is rare. I think Lauren Kate is the first. I liked her first book, Fallen, but the succeeding books are disappointments. Thus, i did not attend her book signing.

My GR friend Alona told me that Lauren Oliver is coming here. Well, I wasn’t exactly a fan but hey, I loved Delirium. 😀 So she and I (and a couple of other GR friends) planned to be there for Oliver’s book signing in Makati.

Unfortunately, Alona didn’t make it (sorry, girl!). I came with my other GR friends Angus, Kwesi, and Rollie.

Lauren Oliver is so different in real life! She looks young and vibrant. Very accommodating to her Filipino fans. =)

Among her favorite books are To Kill A Mockingbird (which made Angus happy) by Harper Lee and The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. There still a lot of books mentioned but these are what i remembered (memory gap, i’m sorry!). Lauren, please feel free to correct me, should I got them wrong. 🙂



The local bookstore which hosted the book signing event didn’t mentioned that you have to buy Pandemonium (did they?). I didn’t bring mine, knowing that I just want Delirium and Before I Fall signed. Sigh. I have no choice but to buy another copy of Pandemonium

When it was my turn to get my books signed (i was no. 79), i was happy. Lauren’s smiling and talking to me like she has all the time in the world. Don’t you just love authors like that? She was so genuine that i can’t helped but be a fan. =)

I told Lauren that i am hoping i won’t get disappointed with the third book, Requiem. I even told her I am Team Alex! LOL But she assured me it won’t have a cliffhanger ending like Pandemonium and that i will like it. I hope so, Lauren. I really, really hope so. 😉


Book signing events are fun! I am praying that local bookstores will invite more YA authors here in Manila.

After the book signing, we watched the Hunger Games movie. 😀


So! Who has read Before I Fall? Will you recommend it?


Leave your IMM links in the comments section!



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9 thoughts on “In My Mailbox [21] – Lauren Oliver (in Manila) Edition

  1. Great picture of you and Lauren. So glad you got to meet her – she seems like a fantastic person. And yes I absolutely recommend Before I Fall. It’s been a while since I read it but it’s a very emotional read. Good to hear that Requiem will not end with a cliffhanger – that would be very cruel if it did since it’s the last book. And Team Alex will be pleased with the ending….interesting!
    Thanks for sharing your experience – looks like a fun time.

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