In My Mailbox [19]

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HB/PB Grabs

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kuehnert
Feed by M.T. Anderson


Have you read some of them? Which do you recommend i read first? 🙂


Leave your IMM links in the comments section!



.: maria :.

“giving up is the ultimate tragedy.”


10 thoughts on “In My Mailbox [19]

  1. I might die of envy because you have A Clash of Kings!!! omggggg! after watching season 1 of the tv series I’m dying to know what’s next! I honestly don’t want to read the novel just because it’s like next to an encyclopedia with the thickness! but since I watched the series I’m now dying to read the book! someone needs to gift me the first book! lol sorry I’m blabbing hahaha

    just to answer the question I haven’t read any of them… I’m dying to read Song of Fire and Ice so I suggest you read the second book xD /heh

    Dropping by to blab at the comments~

    Jay @ We Fancy Books

    are you coming to the Lauren Oliver signing? 😀

    • hahaha! I see you’re a fan of GRRM. 🙂 it is a challenge for me to read and finish this series. Game of Thrones alone has 800+ pages! Thank you, Jay!

      and yes, I am going. Woohoo!

      • i watched the first three episodes, then i stopped. i was already heartbroken when i read the book, so right now i am still gathering courage to continue watching it. 😦

        but the series is good, very close to the book 😉

      • I just finished it yesterday!!! and man! bitin na bitin talaga ko haha you should finish it soon 😉 Ohh gosh now that you said that I need to get an ebook if I don’t get a copy :)) Happy Reading 😀

      • Nooo, wait until someone gives the book to you as a gift! Feeling ko maiinip ka pag ebook kasi ang haba tlg nya. yeah, i think 1 episode a week pwd na sa akin. 😉

        Thanks, Jay! enjoy your reading week!

      • I think I’m gonna beg over twitter so that someone would do me a RAK xD geez I hope I can have a normal reading week! Thesis is taking over me! and as of now I am procrastinating haha

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