It’s Monday! What are you reading? [15]



1984 was the January read of Goodreads – The Filipino Group and i must say i really, really liked it!

Well, the ending was crappy. Still, it was a worthy read. =)

Review to come.

 Darkness Becomes Her is another good read for me.

It has flaws, yes, but I did not mind because Ari is so kick-*ss!

Review to come.



Bean’s character is too good to be true here in Ender’s Shadow.

Although i’m on that part now where the nun is investigating his past and origin.

 I was so excited to read Crossed!

But then, I got to the part where Cassia starts mooning over Xavier. Eck.

So I need to stop for a moment.

 The Way We Fall is my NetGalley read for this week.

The first pages are told in diary entries, and i’m not liking that.

 It reminds me of Life As We Knew It and I did not like that book.

 Good Oil is my contemporary fix for the day.

It is fine so far; i hope it picks up.



It’s time to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

The Hollywood version will be shown in theaters here in the Philippines this week.

But I want to watch the Swedish (am i correct?) version after I read it.


Whew! So what are your reading this week? 😉



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