Book Review: The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima

RATING: StarStarStarStarStar

Genre: Young Adult > Fantasy

(Seven Realms #1)

Han has vowed that he will no longer steal, no matter how bad things get for his mom and sister. But life isn’t easy, and the mysterious silver cuffs that have always been clasped to his wrists seem to promise no help for the future.

When Han catches wizards setting fire to the sacred mountain of Hanalea, he forces a confrontation-and gains possession of an amulet carried by one of the wizards. This is no ordinary amulet, however, and Han learns that it once belonged to the legendary evil Demon King. Knowing that the wizards will stop at nothing to reclaim the amulet, Han has to summon every ounce of his courage to ensure the amulet isn’t used for worldwide destruction.

Literary Awards: YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults (2011), Voya Perfect Ten (2009)



The Demon King is a fantastic read. The world Chima built is astounding to imagine. The story she wove is amazing to read. The ending she gave is enough for me to anticipate the sequel. Wizards and amulets had never been this fun… or deadly.

I absolutely adored Han. He’s trying his best to make ends meet for his family without going back to his messy past: being a street (gang)lord. It was even more difficult when he stole the amulet because trouble followed him the minute he possesses it. Han is smart, witty, and very resourceful! I enjoyed those moments where he has nowhere to run, and yet he escapes unscathed from those encounters. Unfortunately for him, he will become that one thing he was taught of hating since he was a child. Raisa is a stubborn heir to the queendom. Too stubborn (and too flirty) for my taste. Yet, she has this steel in her that makes her really worthy to be the next Queen. She’s also smart, and sometimes compassionate, too. Han and Raisa perfectly complement each other’s characters and that made this fantasy very entertaining to read.

There are a lot of fantasy books in the YA shelf, but The Demon King is on the top of this sub-genre. Intrigue, magic, and a little heartbreak made this book a definite catch for fantasy lovers like me.

I highly recommend The Demon King.



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