Book Review: Blood Red Road by Moira Young

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(Dustlands #1)

Saba has spent her whole life in Silverlake, a dried-up wasteland ravaged by constant sandstorms. The Wrecker civilization has long been destroyed, leaving only landfills for Saba and her family to scavenge from. That’s fine by her, as long as her beloved twin brother Lugh is around. But when a monster sandstorm arrives, along with four cloaked horsemen, Saba’s world is shattered. Lugh is captured, and Saba embarks on an epic quest to get him back.

Suddenly thrown into the lawless, ugly reality of the world outside of desolate Silverlake, Saba is lost without Lugh to guide her. So perhaps the most surprising thing of all is what Saba learns about herself: she’s a fierce fighter, an unbeatable survivor, and a cunning opponent. And she has the power to take down a corrupt society from the inside. Teamed up with a handsome daredevil named Jack and a gang of girl revolutionaries called the Free Hawks, Saba stages a showdown that will change the course of her own civilization.



Minus my intense dislike for Emmi’s stubborness & stupidity and my raised eyebrows over Jack being high and mighty to Saba (“Yer sister’ll be safer with me than she could ever be with you.”), Blood Red Road is one heck of a dystopian adventure.

Being out of her twin brother’s shadow definitely showcased Saba’s strength, both inner and outer. Her devotion to Lugh is creepy, but hey they’re twin’s right? Maybe Saba really just can’t deal without him. But i still think she’s devoted that borders on obssession. Saba’s relationship with her younger sister is complicated but understandable. She doesn’t know it yet, but Saba’s strength came in her independence, her need of survival, and her sense of family. Trust doesn’t come naturally to her, so she did things on her own. But in the end, her sole quest to save his brother was only remotely possible because of her new friends, her new family. Saba is a headstrong and kick-ass heroine worthy of my worship. *Hail, Saba! The Angel of Death!*

Jack hypnotized me with his charm, his ideals, and his sweetness. He’s also quite perceptive and smart.I found it funny that Saba is totally clueless about what he feels, so Jack’s frustration over that charmed me even more.  Behind the daredevil facade lies the ‘calm’ that Saba so loves but denies often.

I love the Hopetown scenes especially the Cage fights and their daring escape from that horrible place. I’m mesmerized with DeMalo! He is such an intriguing character. I cannot wait to know his story in the sequel (I hope Young will capitalize on him!). I love Nero! I believe there’s more to him than meets the eye. I also love Ike, he’s so funny. I even liked the mad King, how sick is that? 😀

I just didn’t like the ‘it’s all written in the stars’ crap. The ‘fate’ element just seemed off in a dystopian setting and it doesn’t click with me. The heartstone? Forget it – i don’t buy it for one bit.

Saba’s story is unforgettable: from the grieving girl who left Silverlake, to being the most celebrated female fighter in the Cage, to recognizing other people’s care for her besides Hugh when travelling through the Dark Mountains, to saving an enemy-turned-friend in the most horrifying way possible in the Freedom Fields, to finding love during the most desperate times.

Blood Red Road is action-packed and adventure-filled with just the right amount of witty, soft, and warm romance on the side.

#5 Off-the-Shelf Reading Challenge 2011



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