Random Act of Kindness (RAK), June closing

Click on the image to know what RAK is all about. 

Out of all the things that book blogging gave me, i find RAK the most fun and rewarding. Basically, you choose a participant, take a look at their wishlist, send the book and voila! you made some book-crazy person really happy. 🙂 It is rewarding not because you get a free book, but because people you don’t know take a few dollars from their pockets out of kindness, so you can enjoy a book that you want. Looove it!

So for my first RAK experience, I got this from Lacey (too bad, she doesn’t have a blog)! Thank you so much, Lacey! After the delay, i finally got it!

and i got loads of Ebooks from these kind, kind ladies!

Nightshade & Clarity from Patricia @ bookexhibitionism (I also sent an ebook to her)

The Restorer, Steel, Huntress, Wake Unto Me, The Fallen 01: Raziel, and The Declaration series from Maricar @ blackplume

Gabby @ The Y.A. Bookworm | Diane @ Siren in Distress | Jenna @ Coffee, Books, and Me

On the other hand, I sent The Girl who was on Fire to Katie of Novel Society. Hope you enjoy it!

I also sent ebooks to:

Hikari & Kris @ Imaginary Reads | Sara @ Just Another Story | Cat @ Thinking Cat 

Thank you to Isalys and Vanessa for hosting this wonderful feature!



.: maria :.

“giving up is the ultimate tragedy.”


4 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness (RAK), June closing

  1. Maria! Thank you for the shout out. I have a blog now, I decided to get with the program. I completely agree, RAK is my favorite challenge that I have participated in and I can’t wait to send a few more goodies this month 🙂

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