The Wrong Path, Author Interview + Giveaway

I’ve read and reviewed The Wrong Path weeks before, and considering my love for Will is overflowing, I want to share him (for a time being, lol) with you! 🙂 I am hosting an ebook giveaway courtesy of the author and 2 lucky readers can win it!

If you love Contemporary/Realistic Teen Fiction, try reading The Wrong Path and let me know what you think. 🙂

Get to know the author behind this book – Vivian Marie!

Who are your favorite contemporary authors?
I know it’s pretty old, but I’m still a huge fan of V.C. Andrews. She was a master storyteller, with elegantly unfolding tales of romance, betrayal, and unexpected twists. And she touched on taboo subjects, subjects most people would never dare to write about. You have to admire the woman’s courage and imagination. I also love Lurlene McDaniel–does anyone remember her? She used to write young adult novels where usually the main character or someone close to the main character died. All of her stories were written so simply, but they just sucked you into them, and by the end, I was usually sobbing when the character died. I envy that kind of ability–to make a reader feel so deeply for a character.

Which books do you wish you could have written?
Captain Blood, by Rafael Sabatini. The man was an utter genius. His writing was poetic, fluid, seamless, and his characters filled with depth, wit, and intelligence second-to-none. I’d also love to have been smart enough to write the Sherlock Holmes series, by Arthur Conan Doyle. If you haven’t read the books, you should. I love that style of writing. The sentences go on forever and the stories are intelligent, interesting, and flow beautifully. Those are two of my favorite older ones, and neither are young adult, but more recently, I wish I had written Unwind, by Neal Shusterman. That man knows how to tell a story. He knows how to build drama. And man, can he write a scene that will stick with you for forever. I was shaking when I finished reading the scene–if you’ve read the book, you know what I’m talking about. That’s how amazing it is. And I wish I’d written The Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith–especially the original three books. I’d have put Damon and Elena together in the end, though.

The Wrong Path – The Waif and the Bad Boy?
The idea for The Wrong Path came to me when I was about thirteen. I still have the idea journal I jotted the idea down in. It was terribly sketchy and went something like this: Two brothers both fall for the same girl. Next door neighbors, the younger is a bad-boy/good-boy, and the older brother is the perfect jock. And she’s torn between them.

Then about a year ago I was flipping through this book on hero and heroine archetypes, and I found one for heroines called The Waif. I thought it sounded interesting, so I decided to challenge myself to write a story using the archetype The Waif and the hero archetype The Bad Boy. I thought about what my story should be about, and I ended up remembering the idea I’d had all those years ago. Next thing I knew, the story The Waif and the Bad Boy was complete. (Yes, that’s actually what I titled the document on my computer! LOL!)

A few months back I decided to try Kindle publishing, and I was sorting through my completed stories to see which one I wanted to work on to get publish-ready. I asked my husband, and he said, “This Waif and the Bad Boy sounds interesting.” So I started editing. (And wow, did it require a lot of editing!) Through the editing process, I decided I couldn’t have a book titled “The Waif and the Bad Boy,” so I was trying to come up with a new name, and I thought of all the time Annabelle and Will spent in the trees and in the woods, and at the time I just happened to be reading the scene with the fortune teller. And that’s where the name The Wrong Path came from!

How did Will come to be?
Ahh Will. I love Will. Will was a new character type for me. I usually write cold, distant, aloof bad boys. But for this book, because I was trying new things, I wanted to try something new with my hero, too. Especially since Annabelle wouldn’t have handled a true “bad boy” very well.

Will was my attempt at a bad boy who wasn’t really bad–a little bad, a little mischievous. And because I was writing a love story, totally in love with the main character. I wanted him to embody freedom in contrast to Annabelle’s cage, showing her everything she could have. So he was adventurous, fun, and a little witty. He was the puzzle piece to fit Annabelle, the two sides making up a complete picture. He was wild and a little over the edge, and she was cautious and safe. And then when I began building more of his background throughout the story, he really took on more depth, revealing a much more emotional side I hadn’t anticipated but ended up really loving.


Vivian Marie Aubin du Paris lives in Lakewood, WA with her husband, a lovely cat named Lady, and within a mile of her parents and sister. She is a young adult author prone to giggling, downing large quantities of Coke, and spending countless hours on the computer.


Twitter: @vivianmarieadp



2 Winners of The Wrong Path Ebook, open to ALL

1 winner from the Philippines, 1 international winner (entries from the Phils. will be separated from international entries)

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