Book Review: The Wrong Path by Vivian Marie Aubin Du Paris

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Annabelle’s life was finally going according to plan. She had the right group of friends. Her childhood crush had finally started to notice her. She was pretty, popular, and in love.

And then one terrible night at a party Will enters her life and everything changes.

Will is the polar opposite of his older brother Trevor—Annabelle’s new boyfriend—the popular, straight-A, quarterback high school star. He’s wild, charismatic, and full of secrets. He’s completely different from anyone Annabelle has ever known, and soon their accidental run-in becomes a pattern as Annabelle finds herself seeking him out wherever she goes. Despite his open hostility with his older brother, Annabelle is drawn to him, wanting to be with him. Will opens a new world for Annabelle, one where she can shed her carefully constructed mask and be herself.

But being with Will comes at a price. And when tragedy strikes, she has to make a choice between the two brothers.

And the wrong one means losing everything forever.

(An ebook copy was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.)


A good book (and author) found me! and i must say, i was really happy i was found. 🙂

This is a surprising read. I normally don’t read Contemporary Teen Romance on a whim, mainly because almost always, the storylines are basically the same. But after reading Forget You, I am starting to look forward to reading this genre. and The Wrong Path reinforced that feeling!

Annabelle is with the “in” crowd but not without consequences. She thought all the stuff important to her friends is unimportant to her, so she pretends to be like them. She can’t risk rising to object or she might find herself thrown out of the circle. This is a typical setting, i admit, but reading further in the book brought depth and further musings on the story.

Annabelle is somewhat annoying for the fact that she keeps on putting a front so she’ll be accepted by the popular circle she’s in. But i guess, this happens in real life so i won’t hold it out against her. and she’s so lucky having parents like hers. And can she really be that dense not to know that she’s falling for Will? Her character is not notable but I liked her at the party when she was… Ha! No spoilers, please. 🙂

Will – i’m in love with him! 🙂 he’s one of the most solid and strongest characters i’ve ever read. bad boy appeal, indifference, once-in-a-blue-moon gentleness. His bluntness and acceptance for things as they are really did me in. When he confronted Belle on what they really are to each other, i was on his side (applauding him). That’s the kind of guy i want!!! Crap, the author sold me the story with Will alone! And what i wouldn’t do to do all those crazy rendezvous he did with Belle. *sigh*

The conflict the author represents definitely is a striking one. How will Annabelle choose? Yikes, i don’t wanna be in her place during that time.

The ending was simple, but i liked it. Although i wished the author took the time to have Annabelle tell off her “fake” friends just to solidify her decision to be herself and not be controlled by them.

I also wished the book could have a more enticing title that would’ve invite readers to try it. The title didn’t even embodied the essence of Annabelle’s story, because she took not the WRONG path, but the path LESS taken by girls in high school like her.

Overall, i loved The Wrong Path. A light and heart-melting read. I can’t forget you, Will. That’s why i will read you again. 



.: maria :.

“giving up is the ultimate tragedy.”


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