ArmchairBEA: I’m Maria and I’m an addict

I know this Armchair BEA introduction is too late, but i want to do it anyway.

I started reading books during my sophomore year in high school. I frequently visits the library for studying but one day i glimpsed a shelf of Nancy Drew Hardcover series. i borrowed one overnight. that’t where my addiciton began. i borrowed all those books and finished it one night at a time.

my first favorite genre: Mystery & Suspense (in Nancy’s case, Espionage)

I moved on to reading Sweet Valley books (from middle grade, high school and college settings), Love Stories series and started my book collection.

I barely had time (and money) during college to read. that is when i promised myself: when i begin to work and earn some cash, i will buy a book every payday.

and i did. pure bliss. until my room was cramped with books. on the floor. on the closet. on the shelf. they are everywhere. and for a country that is prone to typhoons and floods, i need to stack them up high or sell those that are not worth collecting.

books are my sleeping pills. most of the time my parents found me sleeping with a book in my hand. or in my face, covering it.

my reading habit is this: i can read anywhere. anyhow. anytime.

waiting for the bus to leave. waiting for the elevator to open. if i’m early for work. lunch time. while riding the MRT train. waiting for the van to fill up with passengers. while the van is moving on the highway. and yes, while i’m in the john, i read. so what? i simply don’t want to waste my time just by being idle.

reading The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa while lounging at Shangri-la Mactan

my affair with my Kindle is no secret. it is my most beloved gadget of all time. i ignored my digicam. i gave away my ipod. Kindle is that one thing i never left home without.

bits and pieces:

> i’m into YA Fiction, particularly dystopian genre.

> with Kindle, i now read ebooks more than prints. but i still buy hardcover and paperback books that are worth collecting.

> i’m a completist. no matter how terrible a book series turned out to be, i still read it. that is the OC in me.

> my favorite authors are Lloyd Alexander, Lisa Gardner, Suzanne Collins, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Rick Riordan and Jude Deveraux, to name a few.

so, do i love books? 😉



.: maria :.

“giving up is the ultimate tragedy.”


2 thoughts on “ArmchairBEA: I’m Maria and I’m an addict

  1. I was like you before. Anywhere I went, I needed to bring a book with me. It was like my security blanket. I also started w/ Nancy Drew, then I graduated to Agatha Christie and when I was 10 and Harry Potter came out, I was hooked. My favorite authors are Tom Clancy, robert Ludlum, John Grisham, etc.

    • hello renx! i read one Agatha Christie (Murder with Mirrors) and i loved it! i also love the Harry Potter series 🙂 haven’t read any books from your fave authors, but i’ve watched the movie tie-ins. so swamped with YA books i have no time for suspense books anymore! i also favor Caleb Carr and John Le Carre on that genre.

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