Movie Review: Priest

Rating: StarStarStar

Years after a war with vampires ravaged the Earth, a lone warrior priest leaves his life of obscurity and breaks his sacred vows as he goes on a quest to rescue his niece from vampires.

***** ***** *****

After being discouraged from watching Thor (the day/time we went, the next start of film is 5.30pm – too late), hubby and i decided to watch Priest in 3D.

i will not say how ripped we felt… ok, i can’t do that. 500 bucks for two tickets?!? the 3D movie had a bundle, a popcorn bundle (wtf?) no less. SM Cinemas, sometimes you irked me to death.

Nevertheless, i enjoyed the movie (hubby did not). A post-apocalyptic world where church rules? i love those kind of stories! it reminds me of my fascination with dystopian novels.

After the vampire war, the priests (team of vampire hunters raised as such at a young age) were disbanded because the church who formed them in the first place is afraid of them. But the war it seems is not over.

Priest (Bettany) left his life of seclusion upon learning of his niece’s abduction rumored to be done by vampires. When the church refused to believe him and give him permission to go about his task of finding his niece, he left the Church with a bunch of other priests (Maggie Q is one of them) trailing behind him, to catch him and bring him back to the church. That proved to be difficult since Priest is the most skillful and powerful vampire hunter the church has.

the thing i liked about it is that the vampires are real monsters, not good-looking, hot-as-coal guys from the Twilight saga. The physical aspects of the vampires really embodied what they really are: monsters.

i also like the tyrannical rule of the church on the city. To go against the church is to go against God. *snickers* yeah, right. Paul Bettany should annihilate them all. wee!

in this world, confession box is out-of-date! try video-conferencing with the priest and say, forgive me father for i have sinned. 😛

just enough action, not too much talking. check.

is the brother of Priest portrayed by Bill Compton of TruBlood? hmmm…

the ending of the villain just felt short on me. but overall, i almost forgot the rip-off part of our movie-watching. almost.



.: maria :.

“giving up is the ultimate tragedy.”


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