Book Review: Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

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She is pretty and talented – sweet sixteen and never been kissed. He is seventeen; gorgeous and on the brink of a bright future. And now they have fallen in love. But …They are brother and sister.

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This book left me heartbroken. Why, oh why, does the ending have to be that way? Harsh world… is that it? Not FAIR!

WARNING: This is book is for open-minded, liberated readers only due to its sensitive content.

Call me a perv, i don’t care! I really, really like this book. This will go to my stand-alone-ultimate faves shelf despite the ending.

There’s something about this YA sub-genre that i don’t like: it does not give me the escape from reality that i crave.

But for Forbidden, it gave me a chance to view the real world in a whole new perspective. And also, an escape of some sort.

Lochlan and Maya are siblings, with three younger ones to take care of because their wh*re of a mom doesn’t want the responsibility. They are best friends. Lochlan is an introvert. A socially inept weirdo, they call him. But to Maya, he’s just a normal guy.

When family problems get rougher than usual, things start to get intense. Lochlan and Maya found comfort in each other. During one of those times, the physical closeness takes a different meaning and steer them to a life of pain, confusion, and love.

All throughout, not once did it enter my mind that the story was gross (admit it, a brother and a sister in love with each other?). The author played out their characters so well that i found myself symphathetic to them. I even felt empathy. The voices behind Lochlan and Maya are so strong, yet weak sometimes. Lochlan is far realistic than Maya. He said: if they get caught, they will go to prison. She said: she doesn’t care! They are not hurting anyone.

I praised the author for imprinting the value of family and the importance of loving your brothers and sisters by placing their best interest before your own.

I was sad with Kit, Tiffin, and Wila. I understood Maya. I felt the loss with Lochan.

In my opinion, the stigma of an incestuous relationship did not stain Lochan’s and Maya’s love story. If anything, it strengthens my belief that any love, long as it’s true, knows no gender, or blood relation, or whatever the society imposes as moral or not.

I’m still heartbroken. I need a place to sulk.



.: maria :.

“giving up is the ultimate tragedy.”

7 thoughts on “Book Review: Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

  1. I recently finished Forbidden as well, and I must say I agree with you. The story didn’t feel gross for one moment, and the love Lochan and Maya share is real. They put the other’s interests above their own. I found it heartwarming and wonderful.

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