Escaped: Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Black Saturday. Super Hot Weather.

After a quick swim, the family decided to go to SM Calamba.

Walking with ramsey in a stroller, i found a Booksale branch. Earlier, hubby gave me 100 bucks just in case i found something i’d like to eat.

Saw this book. Excitement!

Unfortunately, there are writings all over the pages. comments, notes, what-have-you.

i find it blasphemous to write anything in a book. Eek.

So even though it will only cost me 45 bucks, i did not buy it.

How can i enjoy reading if there are markings constantly popping in my vision?

i went back to my family empty-handed. hubby asks, no food?

i say, no, but i almost bought a book…? *sheepish* 😀

So i searched for an ebook on the net.




.: maria :.

“giving up is the ultimate tragedy.”