Book Review: Strange Angels #3: Jealousy by Lily St. Crow

Rating: Star


It’s a good thing Dru Anderson is fast. Because the sucker chasing her isn’t slowing down—and he won’t rest until he has tasted her blood and silenced her heart . . .Dru’s best friend, Graves, and her strange and handsome savior, Christophe, are ready to help her take on the ultimate evil. But will their battle for Dru’s heart get in the way of her survival?

***** ***** *****

i decided to read this series because in book one, Dru was described as a chick who does not submit to anyone. well, if there’s one criteria that i look for in a book, it’s a strong heroine. Dru seemed like one. i was so wrong!!!

Dru evolved into a whiny, UNself-sufficient babe in book three. WTH? where did punk-ass Dru went? did she died and the author replaced her with a mumbling-bumbling bimbo who cannot decide which boy she really wants? for someone who grew up with training for chasing and killing monsters, Dru cannot figure out a way to stop the vamp who’s hell bent on killing her. i was like, huh? maybe her mind was befuddled with guy issues 😐 yeah, right. *snorts*

the only thing that made me salvage my opinion for this series is the Dru-Ana face off in the gym. this is not an ordinary catfight. Svetocha vs Svetocha. FINALLY. for one who’s hoping for some heart-stopping action since page 1, i was rubbing my hands with anticipation when i reached this scene. sadly, it is the only note-worthy chapter in this horrible book.

this is the first book series i read where the story and plot rapidly dwindles and snuffs out like a candle flame with every book released.

will i read book 4? for christophe’s sake, yes. but i have a feeling Team Graves has something to celebrate by the end of this series.



.: maria :.

“giving up is the ultimate tragedy.”


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