Review: Dulcinea Hotel & Suites in Mactan, Cebu

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view from lobby

Dulcinea Hotel & Suites
3rd Floor Shangs Mactan Town Center, M.L Quezon National Highway,Lapu-Lapu City Cebu, Philippines
(63) 32 4952741 (24/7 FrontDesk)

***** ***** *****

Whenever we travel, my top preference for accommodation is bed and breakfast or BnB for short. I want to wake up without worrying where to eat first thing in the morning. So BnB is a big YES for me.

Going back to Cebu, i know i will not stay in Casa Escano (which is located in Cebu City proper and where we stayed last 2009). We plan to spend our second trip in Mactan so obviously i should find a decent room there for our stay.

No, i did not find any BnB in Mactan. Oh wait, there is one. Mactan Bed and Breakfast i think it is called. The only problem with the place is that there is no wifi. Yeah, such a downer. 😐 I want wifi for my netbook (er, borrowed from dad) and hubby needs it for his ipod touch. Well, he did not specifically requested for it but i want him busy and occupied while staying in our room.

I have two options: Best Suites Hotel and Dulcinea Hotel & Suites.

Both have LCD tv, airconditioned rooms, and wifi.

Best Suites is a little cheaper than Dulcinea but the latter is much more cozy and ambient for my taste.

waiting for check-in

Three reasons that finalized my decision to go for Dulcinea:

1 Dulcinea offered 10% discount for March stay

2 Dulcinea was recommended and rated excellent by 7 (i think) travellers in TripAdvisor

3 Best Suites takes sooo long to answer email inquiries

This is the rate i got from Dulcinea –

2,070 PhP per room per night (10% discounted from original price of 55 USD) inclusive of breakfast for two and free airport transfers

4D3N stay costs 6,210 PhP.

Superior Room

the room is spacious! even if we have kids with us, it will still accommodate us without a fuss.

Superior Room - other view

the amenities –


wash room

i love the wash room area, it is enough for two people to mill around.

shower - bath tub area

Did i mention that the inclusive breakfast in Cafe Dulce is sumptuous and delicious? You can even have your breakfast delivered to your room if you’re too lazy to get up and walk to Cafe Dulce. That’s what we did on our last day.

cafe dulce, interior

bar area behind hubby

Our flight going to Cebu was early. We landed in Mactan International Airport at 7am. Check in at Dulcinea is 2pm. We decided to leave our luggage in the front desk so we can use of our time instead of waiting for the other guests to check out. By the time we went back to Dulcinea, our luggage is already inside our room. Superb customer service!

So to sum it up:

Pros –

1 Dulcinea is 5-10 minutes away from the airport

2 quite affordable for such a luxurious room

3 Gaisano Mactan Mall is only a walk away

4 free wifi

5 room accommodation inclusive of breakfast for two

6 great customer service

7 no downpayment needed; just email your travel dates for reservation (full payment is settled upon check-in)

8 free roundtrip airport transfers

Cons –

the only negative thing i can say about them is the airport transfer. It starts at 8am. so when your flight is earlier than that, just take a cab since it is cheaper than their airport transfer outside their designated time.

When it was time for us to go home, i reminded the receptionist the night before of our departure time for the airport transfer. Unfortunately, i was too late informing her. She told me i should’ve told her that in the morning (not in the evening) because the driver in charge of the transfer has gone home already. I was like, SO? The receptionist at the time of my booking asked for our flight details upon reservation. They should know that we are due to the airport on that day, right? Oh well, cab is cheap so it’s no biggie.

The verdict: when we return to Mactan, Dulcinea Hotel and Suites is still my choice for accommodation. First class and top rated rooms minus the big chink off your budget.




“giving up is the ultimate tragedy.”


6 thoughts on “Review: Dulcinea Hotel & Suites in Mactan, Cebu

  1. We are going to Cebu next month. I was googling for a blogger’s hotel review and your link came on the first page. I am a blogger too so I trust the opinion of my fellow bloggers when it comes to stuff like this. Thanks for this post. Will consider staying at Dulcinea! 🙂

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