How CoFA broke my heart… then mended it all over again

Let me tell you a story about a girl who was so obssessed with Cassandra Clare’s City of Fallen Angels book 4 that she skipped lunch, used her lunch hour to go to Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street branch (only bookstore with stock ever since the Apr 5 release) in BGC, only to find out that it was already sold out. BOO!

two weeks before the book release, she went to Powerbooks Shangri-la branch to reserve for CoFA.

come Apr 5, she called PB to confirm if their stock has arrived. NO. Do they know when it will arrive? Within two weeks, perhaps? NO. Man, is she pissed! what’s the use of making a reservation AND the book release date if she can’t have the book on time?!?! She cursed the disadvantage of not living in Australia or US where the fans are already ogling their copies. Argh.

what she wants, she gets. that’s her motto. so she asked a favor from her dear friend who works in BGC area to buy her a copy then they’ll just meet after. unfortunately, her friend couldn’t find the time to drop by at BHS (considering the frantic obsession of the requestor who wants it asap), so on to plan B.

how to go to FB BHS? simple. she searched for directions on the net. she printed a map to guide her. she went to ayala to board the The Fort Bus. she got off at The Fort bus stop only to realize she should’ve have gotten off at BHS bus stop instead.

anyway, she walked through the The Fort Strip when the sun is at its highest. finally, she reached the biggest bookstore she has ever seen in her whole bookish life. BIG smile.

by now, you know that that smile was wiped off from her face completely once she got the info from the cashier that the book was now already sold out. she was deflated. then crushed. then bits and pieces flew outside the store to embrace the freakin’ humid air.

she did call the store if they have stock. YES. she did asked if a reservation is required to secure a copy. NO, THERE ARE LOTS OF STOCK. but she called a week before. not the day she went to the store. too bad. it really sucked.

she has no strength to throw a Bitch Fit. she just smiled ironically and texted her friend then ask, “guess where i am right now?”

after her work shift, she pondered if she’ll drop by PB shangri-la. maybe they already have a stock? thinking her day could no longer get any worse, she proceeded to 6F. and wouldn’t you know, their stock has arrived. what the H.

there goes that ironic smile again. she thought, God has a weird sense of humor. she knows that. but she forgot about it that day, all because of the hype CoFA is causing her and all the TMI fans around the world.

Moral of the story: Patience is a virtue. but she never claimed she was virtous. thus the fiasco.




“giving up is the ultimate tragedy.”