NatGeo Earth Day Run 2011

10 Apr 2011, BGC

So it was my first time to run alone (my officemates didn’t made the registration in time). i look forward to running at my own pace.

imagine my shock when thousands of people swarmed 7th and 28th avenues to join the fun run.

3km runners kicked off at 6am. a lot of kids are there. while waiting for the run to start, 3K runners were packed in 7th ave (starting line). i can’t even do the warm-ups right. jumping jacks, 4 steps forward-backward. it is impossible without bumping into someone on your left/right, or behind!

i figured the space can stretch once the run has begun. WRONG. it’s either i lost momentum in running since there’s no place to make “singit” or do a walkathon. sigh.

oh well. i should’ve expected that there are a lot of people who will join the run since it is NatGeo, but the organizers should’ve have limited the number of people who will join.

it was not a fun run. it is a FUN WALK for me.

or maybe 50/50 fun run/walkathon.

… but i love morning runs. it is a very liberating experience. a different kind of high.

now, when and where is the next fun run i should join? 🙂




“giving up is the ultimate tragedy.”


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