Book Review: Call me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar


R.S.V.P. to the most riotous wedding of the year . . .

Lucy Jorik is the daughter of a former president of the United States.

Meg Koranda is the offspring of legends.

One of them is about to marry Mr. Irresistible—Ted Beaudine—the favorite son of Wynette, Texas. The other is not happy about it and is determined to save her friend from a mess of heartache.

But even though Meg knows that breaking up her best friend’s wedding is the right thing to do, no one else seems to agree. Faster than Lucy can say “I don’t,” Meg becomes the most hated woman in town—a town she’s stuck in with a dead car, an empty wallet, and a very angry bridegroom. Broke, stranded, and without her famous parents at her back, Meg is sure she can survive on her own wits. What’s the worst that can happen? Lose her heart to the one and only Mr. Irresistible? Not likely. Not likely at all.


Amazing read! except for those times (which is a lot) when the whole town was ganging up on Meg just because they can (and they will!), it was really enjoyable.


somewhat hollywood-y to me. but it worked its charm. hooking up with your best friend’s ex-fiancee after their scandalous jilting-at-the-altar fiasco is super sneaky! the best part: Meg asks Lucy first for permission. lol. i thought it will be the twist of the book but it was not. Lucy was A-OK with it! it really is funny. then falling in love when Meg knew she was just a bootie call. whew. that’s one extra big luggage to carry, dear.


a very lovable character. but i didn’t like it when she can defend other peeps when someone steps on them but not herself. especially when her family is the one doing the stepping on her. i believe that it is done for her benefit (to grow up, take a job and make something out of her life) but it is rather harsh. nevertheless, she did grew up. she’s been changing for the better now but i don’t see why she often pretend to be the same happy-go-lucky girl to everyone when she’s no longer that girl anymore. pity party, perhaps?


who doesn’t love him? oh, i do! he’s a prick who pretends to be a saint. and how the whole town worships him! and yet i liked it when he responds to Meg’s antics in such an un-saintly way. so the he is not perfect, after all!

ultimate high experience:

the bootie calls, of course! the author sizzled it with humor and romance all in one plate. wow. it never failed to make me laugh so hard, then go mushy all of a sudden. O_O

the verdict:

i haven’t read SEP books recently, but reading this one is worth the catch-up. one of my favorites.


“giving up is the ultimate tragedy.”

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