Ramsey’s star at The Mind Musem

if you want to take part in building The Mind Museum, please donate by lighting a star (click the image below).

star364 in northern hemisphere

ever since i read Anton’s blog entry regarding his donation to The Mind Musem last October 2010, i knew i want to donate as well. Besides the fact that i love science (and planetariums), i really want to do something for ramsey that will be concrete proof of how much i want him to discover this world so as he too, will do anything in the future to save it.

i had trouble donating via credit card. i contacted hsbc and the mind museum too but it seems they couldn’t help me. Mastercard is rejecting my card details for some reason. so i tried again last December to donate. no luck. comes January. still encountering an error. sigh. it was such a waste of time.

last week, i was searching for the official site of the nat geo run when i came across with TMM site again. they had a partnership with nat geo run. light a star by donating 1K (which i’ve been trying to do since October) and register online for nat geo run and they’ll give a limited edition of a bandanna (i have a thing with freebies, ha!). just like that, i was interested again to try and donate. after all, my plastic was just renewed, so perhaps it will work this time.

and it did! wow. imagine me making a fist pump for my victory. i was all smiles.

ramsey's star near his zodiac (Leo)

when ramsey will be old enough to read, i will take him to TMM, and show him his name on the gallery. i hope he will be proud that his mom took her time to donate for such a cause.

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