Run for Hope 2011

Venue: The Venice Piazza at McKinley Hills, Taguig

Time: 5.15am

Beneficiary: Pediatric Cancer Patients (Cardinal Santos Medical Center)

things to do this year: join a fun run for fun’s sake – check!

i was already running even before i got pregnant. but imagine almost a year later, i started running again – pure torture. i was not friendly to rapid breathing, and a wildly thumping heart. but i kept moving. i kept running for 20-30mins every night. when the day of the actual event came, i was ready. well, sort of.

me and my officemates all signed up for the 5K event (i initially signed up for 3K but found no one with me so, there). i let them run ahead of me coz i want to run at my own pace (translation: i can’t keep up with them. ha!). so there i was, running upward, then left. go right, then down. imagine my envy when the organizers shouted, “3K runners, U-turn!” i was like, what?!?!  how about 5K runners?… oh well. i trudged on. when i thought i’m burning up, running out of oxygen, i hear something. “turn right na po, malapit na po ang finish line.” it’s about time!

i finished at 48 minutes for a 5K run. not bad for a first timer, huh? i was done, by the time i came home. slept for 6 hours straight.

it was a good experience, all in all. besides, if it’s for charity, i’m in.


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